WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds
WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds
WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds
WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds
WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds
WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds
WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds

WT2 Plus Bluetooth translator earbuds

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    1 APP & 2 TRNSLATOR EARBUDS & 3 MODES: Download 1 APP, pair earbuds, share one earbud to other person. Simul Mode: one person can speak non-stop, and the translation will be played in the other person's ears continuously.Touch Mode: touch to speak and touch again to translate, suitable for noisy environment. Speaker Mode: 1 Earbud + 1 APP,the other person doesn't need to wear earphone,start the conversation quickly.

    • 36 LANGUAGES + 84 ACCENTS:  WT2 Plus translator earbuds support 36 languages, partial List: Arabic, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

    • UP TO 95% ACCURACY & ONLINE 1-3 SECONDS TRANSLATION: WT2 Plus translator earbuds can achieve up to 95% ultra-high translation accuracy for daily usagewithin good networking (wifi & 4G) and ideal conversation environment.Timekettle acquired the strong external technical support from Google, Microsoft, iFlytek.It takes only 1-3 seconds to complete the voice recognition and translation with support from all above partners.

    • SUPPORT IOS & ANDROID WITH WIRELESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Support IOS11 and above,Android 7 and above,Bluetooth 4.2 and above ,and the earbuds are compatitable with mobile phones of most major brands.Easy to connect with IOS & Android operating system in seconds through turning on Bluetooth in APP.

    • ATTENTION TO QUALITY & 1-YEAR GUARANTEE:WT2 Plus is professional product for language translation,it does not support listening to music or making phone calls.  WT2 Plus Voice Translator is supported by a 1-year full warranty with 24/7 dedicated customer support.


    Brand Timekettle
    Category AI Translator Earbuds
    Series/Model WT2 Plus
    Color White
    Charging Box Dimensions 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm × 3.6 cm
    Package Dimensions 10.8cm × 18.8cm × 5.2cm
    Weight(1 Earbud) 10g
    Weight(2 Earbuds+2Charging box) 92.9g
    Weight(With Package) 319.6g
    Bluetooth (earbud) BLE 5.0
    Max. connection distance  10 meters
    Auto-connect   Automatic connection within 0.5 meter range of the phone
    Auto-reconnect  Automatic re-connection by pulling earbuds out of the charging case
    Power (per earbud)  95mAh
    Battery Duration (per earbud) 5 hours
    Charging Time (per earbud) 1.5 hours
    Power (per charging case)  320mAh(2 fulls recharge for one earbud)
    Charging Time (per charging case) 1.5 hours
    Charging port Micro USB
    Wearable Shallow-in-ear
    Noise cancellation      Beamforming
    Package contains Earbuds x2/Charging case x2/ Earmuff x4/Ear-hook x2/ Micro-USB cable/User Manual
    System version of phone Android 7.0/iOS 11.0 and above
    Bluetooth version of phone (support only 2 earbuds) Bluetooth 4.2 and above
    Bluetooth version of phone (support more than 2 earbuds) Bluetooth 5.0 and above