WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds

WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds

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AI Translator Earbuds


WT2 Plus



Charging Box Dimensions

7.5 cm × 7.5 cm × 3.6 cm

Package Dimensions

10.8cm × 18.8cm × 5.2cm

Weight(1 Earbud)


Weight(2 Earbuds+2Charging box)


Weight(With Package)


Bluetooth (earbud)

BLE 5.0

Max connection distance

10 meters


Automatic connection within 0.5 meter range of the phone


Automatic re-connection by pulling

Power (per earbud)


Battery Duration (per earbud)

5 hours

Charging Time (per earbud)

1.5 hours

Power (per charging case)

320mAh(2 fulls recharge for one earbud)

Charging Time (per charging case)

1.5 hours

Charging port

Micro USB



Noise cancellation


Package contains

Earbuds x2/Charging case x2/ Earmuff x4/Ear-hook x2/ Micro-USB cable/User Manual

System version of phone

Android 7.0/iOS 11.0 and above

Bluetooth version of phone (support only 2 earbuds)

Bluetooth 4.2 and above

Bluetooth version of phone (support more than 2 earbuds)

Bluetooth 5.0 and above

What is the configuration requirement for WT2 Plus?

System: Android 7.0 / iOS 11.0 and above
Bluetooth: BLE 4.2 and above

How do I know the Bluetooth version of my mobile phone?

You can check by viewing this link: www.XXX.com; if you don't find it, go to the official website of your phone for more information.

What if translation speech is too loud or too quiet?

Connect earbuds, select the earbud you wish to adjust its volume on "Devices" page in the APP.

What is the difference between "01" earbud and "02" earbud?

Check the LED lights. "01" has no "eyebrow" above the bubble, while "02" has an "eyebrow" above the bubble.

What if the earbuds are too loose or not comfortable to wear?

Check the packaging box for different sizes of earmuffs. If it is still too loose, use the ear-hook.

How to upgrade the firmware in the earbuds?

Connect earbuds to check if there is a RED DOT displaying on each earbud on "Devices" page in the APP. You can click to upgrade.

What if the earbuds do not turn off when putting back in the charging case?

This means the charging case is out of battery, please recharge. The earbuds and charging case can be recharged at the same time.

What is the battery life?

Each earbud can operate for 5 hours; Each full-charged case provides 2 full charges.

How long is the recharge?

It takes approximately 90 minutes for both earbuds and charing case to be fully charged.

How do I know the status of remaining battery?

Put the earbuds back to charging case, the LED lights will indicate the remaining battery. 75-99% (4 flashes), 50-74% (3 flashes), 25-49% (2 flashes), <24% (flash once).

Where do I download the APP?

Click here to download. You can also download the APP in Google Play, or App Store, by searching "WT2 plus".

What if my phone can not use WT2 Plus APP?

Please be aware the APP is only compatible with Android 7.0 / iOS 11.0 and above.

How to use WT2 Plus?

Each person wears one earbud; turn on the Bluetooth, open the APP, the earbuds will automatically connect; choose one of the three modes to start your conversation.

What if I can not enter Auto mode or Touch mode?

Make sure the earbuds are connected with the APP. You can check the connection by clicking "Devices" in the APP.

What if there is a "beep" sound, but no translation result?

Make sure all permissions are turned ON, including use of network, Bluetooth, recording, and GPS. Please also make sure the network is good. If it still does not work, re-start the APP, and re-connect the earphonnes.

How to choose languages for "01" and "02"?

After selecting one mode, choose the languages for "01" and "02" on the top of the APP interface.

How to update the APP?

Go to Google Play and App Store, search "WT2 Plus" and download the latest version.

What if earbuds can not be "searched"?

Please be aware the WT2 is only compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and above, and make sure it is turned ON. If this does not work, put the earbuds back to charging case for 5 seconds and take it out again.

What if only one earbud is "searched"?

Make sure the LED lights on both earbuds are flashing, indicating they are ready for connection. If the LED light is not flashing, touch the sensor (0.5cm below the sensor) to manually activate the devices for pairing.

What if I can not connect the earbuds?

Please make sure Bluetooth is ON; if the problem persists, turn off the Bluetooth, close the App, and try again.

How does Simul Mode work?

When A speaks, B will start hearing the translation as soon as A finishes the first sentence; meanwhile, A can still speak non-stop even when B is still hearing the translation of A's previous sentence. And vice versa.

How come the other person is able to speak non-stop, and I can't?

Currently, Simul Mode only supports one-way recognition or Text-to-Speech (TTS), it does not support recogition and Text-to-Speech (TTS) at the same time. Your earphone does not activate If the other person is still speaking, or the translation is not yet finished. Speak when all the translation are finished.

What if I do not hear the translation while the counterpart speaks?

The translation will start only after the other person's speech is finished to make sure the complete structure of the sentence of your counterpart is recorded for optimized accuracy of the translation.

How come the translation starts before a speech is finished?

If a speech is paused for longer than 1 second, you will hear a "beep", indicating your speech is finished, and the translation will start. Please speak fluently, or finish your sentence after the translation playback is completed.

How come there is no translation result in noisy environments?

When the volume of ambient sound exceeds the volume of your sound, WT2 may “think” you are still speaking. Try using "Touch Mode" in noisy environments.

How to use Touch mode

Each person wears one earbud; touch and hold the sensor, a "beep" will sound to indicate that you are ready to speak. Release the finger from the sensor when finisihed.

How come some words are missing in beginning and end of a speech?

It is recommended to wait 0.5 seconds after holding the sensor; before releasing from the sensor.

How come the sensor does not respond after translation is finished?

Please wait 0.5 second before you can start speaking again.

How to use Speaker Mode

You wear one earbud, hold your phone close to the mouth of your counterpart. Use the two buttons at the bottom of the interface; touch, speak, and then touch again to start the translation.

How come it does not recognize accents and slangs?

Light accent and frequently-used slangs are fine; although it is recommended that you speak with traditional accent and grammar structure.

How come my speech is not recognized in full?

We recommend you to speak louder and more clear than usual, this will improve the accuracy of the recognition drastically.

How come the translation is not accurate?

Avoid names of people, places, and local slangs. Make sure the sentence is completed, or try another way of expression. Ex. "Two nights hotel" to "I'd like to reserve a room for two nights."

How come it takes a long time for the translation?

Make sure your network is good. Bad network may result in longer latency.

What if translation is lagging?

Check your network. Other factors such as obstacles between mobile device and earbuds, or earbuds more than 3 meters away from mobile device may also affect the stability of data transmission.

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